Running in Winter

Winter is coming. That’s not just my favorite line from Game of Thrones. It’s a common refrain from runners everywhere. When the warm Summer days slip into Autumn, it’s often seen as a refreshing change and a chance to beat the heat. But when Autumn slips into Winter, it gets downright cold out there.

I’ve put together a collection of articles from around the Web that help you prepare a solid running routine when Winter arrives.

10 Tips for Running in the Cold


Get motivated, think about keeping warm with proper shoes and clothing, and make sure you warm up. These are the key elements of successful Winter running from this collection of tips and tricks from Runner’s World.

Running in the Winter – Dealing with the Cold, Ice and Snow


Coach Jeff from Runner’s Connect gets even more specific with tips for staying warm and safe during your cold Winter runs. He has years of experience running in frigid climates, including Maine, Michigan and Colorado. In this article, he gives you time-tested advice.

How to Run in the Winter (Without Freezing Your Butt Off)


Lifehacker, the popular tech tips site, offers up a gear-based approach to running in the Winter without suffering from the cold. The standard advice holds (dress warm!) but this article offers very specific clothing and gear recommendations designed to do just that.

Winter Running Tips

runningpairwinter gets right down to business with action-oriented tips and techniques for warm and safe Winter running. This includes the very specific advice to not dress too warmly because believe it or not, it’s possible to get overheated when running in the cold outside.